Wetland Effluent 5Even recirculating fish farms produce some effluent water, generally loaded with nutrients that need to be stabilized before the water can be discharged. If a hydroponic system is attached to the fish farm, the nutrients can be directly utilized to produce a supplemental crop. In those cases where a supplemental hydroponic operation is not feasible or possible, the nutrient loaded effluent water can be managed by implementing an Ecological Constructed Wetland Treatment System.

Wetland Effluent 2

This simple in-ground system consists of a specified number of cells that progressively capture effluent solids and break down dissolved nutrients, mainly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, before releasing the treated water back to the natural environment. The collected solids are dewatered and can be periodically harvested from the cells for reuse as fertilizer.In certain designs, some of the treated water can be rerouted to the front end of the fish farm and reused with only minor additional treatment.

Aquacare Associates design site specific Ecological Constructed Wetland Effluent
Treatment Systems based on many years of design and operating experience.

Wetland Effluent 4

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