Aquacare was established in 1987 dedicated to developing and marketing cost-effective equipment and systems for modern, intensive land-based fish farming. These systems are based on proven, conservative biological practices, and the integration of specialized equipment components into a fish farm that provides an optimum environment for fish health and growth. Click here to view our PROJECT GALLERY for some past and present projects.

Henning Gatz
Henning GatzPresident
David Volkenand
David VolkenandControls
Mike Watson
Mike WatsonConstruction Manager
Dave Maciolek
Dave MaciolekEngineer
Jordan Volkenand
Jordan VolkenandSoftware Developer
John L Holder
John L HolderBiologist & System Designer
John P Holder
John P HolderCADD Designer
Terry Watson
Terry WatsonAccountant
Andy Davison
Andy DavisonProject Manager